Firstly sorry for the massive gap between blog posts. Between being busy at work and attempting to exercise more I’m shattered in the evening.

I’ve been seeing tartan absolutely everywhere, and one of my best friends is currently obsessed so I can’t escape it! It looks lovely for winter, since it’s on so many jumpers and scarves. I looked at so many pictures and tutorials to try and work out how to do this and the one I settled on is by Petite Peinture

Now admittedly because I only saw this pictorial on Pinterest I ended up using a black rather than a darker red so mine have come out a lot darker and more blocky.


I’m not too sure what I think of them to be honest. I love the red colour underneath but I can’t decide whether I even think they look like tartan. I think I want to take another stab at them using different reds to get a slightly lighter look. Or alternatively just in completely different colours.


Also doing this manicure i realised the need for straight nail vinyls as opposed to striping tape. I bought my striping tape on Amazon and its too thin and not sticky enough for this design, I found mine lifting at the edges of my nails. I was lucky it didn’t bleed underneath.


For this design I used Essie “Grow Stronger”, No. 7 “Deep Wine”, Barry M “Black” and “Foil Effects”. For my top coat I used Sally Hansen “Insta-Dri”.